4 Days / 50 Exhibitors
2 Parties / 15 ICO Pitch
30 Speakers / 15 Workshops

March 13 – 16, 2018
Startup ICO Pitch


Apply ⇒ Pre-screening via Skype ⇒ Get shortlisted ⇒ Get invited to PipsCon ⇒ Benefit from pitch coaching ⇒ Pitch live ⇒ Win ⇒ Raise Capital ⇒ Create value ⇒ Become wealthy and famous ⇒ Get invited to a future edition to be a judge and/or investor

Selected ICOs are invited to present at PipsCon and will receive the following benefits for a $1,000 contribution:
1. Pitch Coaching
2. Exhibition Space
3. Access to Investors Zone
4. PipsCon Marketing Campaigns
5. Two complimentary tickets to PipsCon

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