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January 25-27


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January 25-27


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January 25-27

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is on the threshold of going mainstream. Bitcoin alone now has a market capitalization of approximately $40 billion. Ethereum and the smart contract ecosystem it has helped create are rapidly approaching that same level.

What does this mean?
The next three years could be extremely exciting – but only for those entrepreneurs, investors, and technologists who have the inside scoop and know what’s going on “behind the scenes”.

For four days, we’re bringing together some of the most important players in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain – along with lesser-known tech founders, startup executives, venture capitalists, and investors who are set to disrupt this technology throughout 2018 and 2019 – so that you can get a full briefing on all the most important developments and opportunities.

We’re talking about (perfectly legal) “inside information” that will not enter the public domain for a long time, if at all – information that could allow you to quietly make some serious money.

The Pipsfinder DisruptAll Conference is set to feature more than 800 high-caliber attendees, 35 top-notch speakers, and 50+ exhibitors from the worlds of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain assets. You’ll learn about several exciting start-ups, the hottest ICO opportunities, and other game-changers that could make for brilliant investment plays next year.

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Mayo Davids is an entrepreneur, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and founder of US Africa Business Forum and Pipsfinder.

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